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İletişimde Olalım
[email protected]
Sabit: 0212 639 00 03
Whatsapp: 0546 500 90 33

Mr. Pusulo

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Mr. Pusulo is more than a mascot. He represents us. We communicate all our messages and mottos via Mr. Pusulo. When you start working with us, you will see Mr. Pusulo somewhere in this process. 

Mr. Pusulo will take care of all your business. He will follow up the entire process. He is the corporate identity expert. He is wise and sincere. He occasionally offers discount promotions.  

Additionally, Mr. Pusulo is our lead character to offer our services for 24/7. You can contact him via 0546 500 90 33.  You can call him 24/7, send SMS or message him on WhatsApp. If you want to learn more about Pusulo Corporate Identity Agency, please click here.